Meridiani has completely renovated its spaces in the prestigious European capitals of Paris, London and Munich, offering interior designers and individuals a stage where they can discover the company’s latest news and best sellers, indoor and outdoor spaces, where products become protagonists of every housing project.

The Munich Studio offers an intimate and private stage where the lines and new trends of interior design are defined, becoming a true reference point for contemporary furniture in southern Germany.

The Parisian Store defines and outlines a real contemporary art de vivre, in which it is possible to experience the attention to finishes, the care in the research and processing of different materials expertly combined, without forgetting the passion for Italian craftsmanship.

The London Store follows the line of the Paris Store with the aim of creating an all-encompassing experience of the Meridiani environment, through a coordinated brand setting, offering inspiration for interior projects designed to last over time.

Discover the spaces:MERIDIANI STORE PARIS