The Annual Istituto Marangoni Advisory Committee, the international committee of the renowned school of fashion, design and art, with locations in Milan, Florence Paris, London, Miami, Mumbai, Shanghai and Shenzen, this year addressed the theme of evolution of “Made in Italy” design in the globalized era.

Among the professionals of high-end design were Amelia Pegorin, CEO of Saba Italia, Davide Groppi, CEO of the namesake lighting company, and Fabio Sattin sponsor and Board Member of IDB.

Some of the topics addressed were the new scenarios that have transformed the world of design, the increasing cultural contamination, the need for more sustainable products, the importance that digital e-commerce platforms have had on redesigning production and logistics, and the power of social media in driving customers’ tastes.

Thank you to Stefania Valenti and Istituto Marangoni for this interesting opportunity for discussion.