Strong Entrepreneurial Know-how

The Group consists of successful entrepreneurs who developed great experience and knowledge of their industry and, sharing the IDB strategy, choose to become partners and actively participate in support of its development.

Managerial Skills

The involvement of high-profile managers enables the implementation of structured methods and processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the companies, while providing support for growth and, if necessary, assistance in enacting a gradual generational change.

Solidity and efficient financial management

The Group’s financial solidity is guaranteed both by the primary standing of the investors and sponsors, who from the start believed in the project, as well as by the centralized financial management that allows an efficient use of the resources in service of the growth and support of each company.

Company DNA

Each entrepreneur can continue being the focal point in the company, pursuing their goals within the context of a more extensive and ambitious project. One of IDB’s top priorities is to preserve the culture, identity and DNA of each entity.

Sharing, Debate and Synergies

The IDB Group structure can enhance the important synergies that are naturally generated by the interaction between the participant companies, using cooperation and sharing as an instrument for discussion and professional and personal growth.

Group Activities and Projects

IDB also means activities, projects and structures that involve one or more Group companies, to face the great challenges of the market in an overall creation of added value. This allows “small” companies to reach the critical scale to have access to “great opportunities”.