Italian Design Brands S.p.A. is the hub of Italian design in the high quality furniture industry.

Italian Design Brands S.p.A. was established in 2015 by Private Equity Partners, co-founded and controlled by Fabio Sattin and Giovanni Campolo, Paolo Colonna and Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni, supported by a selected group of high-level private investors.

A concrete innovation in the way industry and finance interact

A project of private investors, with a business and financial background, to support the industrial world and promote growth with a long term perspective

A concept born out of a challenge

  • Italy certainly has an undisputed leading role in furniture and design, which are key and driving sectors in the «Made in Italy» industry, in spite of the fact that most companies still have a limited scale
  • In an increasingly hectic, competitive and globalised world, distinguished Italian furnishing companies must be present and able to evolve; often for small-medium size enterprises this is a complex challenge
  • The industry will inevitably be subject to an aggregation process, which will allow companies to reach the ideal dimension in order to compete and generate opportunities which would otherwise be unfeasible when operating independently