Our mission is to represent the excellence of Italian design and craftsmanship worldwide, working as a virtuous environment in which each brand can boost its competitive strength while maintaining its distinctive identity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit

IDB creates a virtuous environment for distinguished companies, in which they can boost their competitive strength benefiting from the advantages of being part of a large Italian Group, while maintaining their distinctive identity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The IDB model is to work alongside our companies in order to maximise their potential on an international scale, relying on their optimised performance coupled with synergies deriving from the affiliation to a Group.

We look for new partnerships with outstanding companies operating in interior design, with a successful entrepreneurial story, a recognized brand as well as superior proprietary design and high-quality products.

“Small” companies that have access to “great” opportunities

The goal is to support partner companies on an international level in their growth and competitiveness development, while maintaining unaltered their DNA, culture and creative identity.

The instrument is a qualified structure that combines entrepreneurship, management and a long – term oriented finance, where is possible to “fast-forward” each one’s competitive advantage.

Each company, while remaining independent and preserving its identity, benefits from a broader strategic vision, as well as a new platform of opportunities.