Cubo Design

Cubo Design S.r.l. was founded in 2006 in the province of Teramo, the result of the long-term experience of the founder, Antonio Arangiaro, in the modular kitchen sector. Cubo Design has in a short time conquered the Italian market, managing to establish itself as a major player also in the international one.

The company operates through the brands Miton Cucine and Binova, a brand that for over 60 years has represented excellence in the high-end kitchens sector, acquired by the group in 2016.

2016 is also the year in which a radical reorganization of the company is implemented, through an interpretation of the future inspired by efficiency, effectiveness and respect for the environment. This has given rise to “Factory-One”, a futuristic structure in which the concept of industry 4.0, which has become the driving force of the Cubo Design business, is fully implemented through the integration of processes and human control.

In July 2022 IDB signed an agreement for the purchase of the majority of Cubo Design S.r.l. The two shareholders, Antonio and Giuseppe Arangiaro, remain at the helm of the company, in which they reinvested while maintaining a significant share of the capital.

Antonio Arangiaro - Cubo Design