The Group Italian Design Brands (IDB) was named, for the second year running “Best Managed Company”.

The award was given by Deloitte that through this initiative, at it’s third edition in Italy, identifies companies that have distinguished themselves in terms of organisation, strategy and performance. A new and important confirmation of the value of the IDB model, rewarded for its ability to create a hub of excellence able to join a long period strategic vision with the conservation and valorisation of the identity of each company.

Furthermore, it emerged, as particularly distinctive, IDB’s ability in supporting each company’s independent growth coordinating specific Group projects on different fronts. Among these are the digital transformation, the sales support, the strengthening of the organisation and of the extraordinary finance. An ability even more important in facing with resilience  complex market situations like the one we are facing now, in which IDB has dealt with and managed the first difficult months of 2020 rapidly securing the finances of all the companies and started several new projects to create the base for a new start, intensifying dialogue between the companies and Group synergies.

An important recognition for the whole IDB managerial team!