The new setting, curated by architect Ferruccio Laviani, is designed to tell the story of the Gervasoni universe and its ability to give life to indoor and outdoor areas that reflect the soul of the brand.

The space is imagined as a meeting place for professionals in the industry and the company, to create a fertile ground of discussion: a place where designers, architects, customers and retailers can be supported during each phase of design and selection, concentrating all of the company’s collections in a single context. A “hidden treasure”, a small urban industrial architecture included inside the typical Milanese living context.

The latest Indoor and Outdoor 2022 news dialogue harmoniously with the company’s icons, to show once again the infinite potential of the furnishings, which are versatile and suitable for being placed in the most various contexts, always mantain a strong character and personality: elegant and minimal living areas with a contemporary flavor, dining areas that invite conviviality, and sleeping areas in which nighttime well-being is reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

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