Gervasoni S.p.A. hosts the exhibition/show “Bodies of resilience”, an event of the Festival Maravee Insane 2021.

Conceived in 2002 by the critic and curator Sabrina Zannier, with the aim of bringing contemporary art to a wider audience, the Maravee Festival is based on the concept of “emotional staging”.

Within an articulated scenographic path, the dialogue and the intertwining between visual art and design generates housing connections that feed the pervasiveness of identity between man and the environment. From home to factory, from relaxation to work, from socializing in the living room to collaboration in the company, through mosaic, photographic, video and graffiti-writing works, bodies of theatrical, choreutic and social resilience are staged.

The show can be seen until October 22nd at the Gervasoni showroom and factory in Pavia di Udine (UD)

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