Davide Groppi’s lighting design and management team created the lighting of the Giulio Alberoni collection (1664 – 1752) located in the apartment of Cardinal Alberoni, a real art trove located in the center of the Alberoni College in Piacenza which has reopened to the public with an enlarged and renovated layout.
In particular, the “Ecce Homo” by Antonello da Messina (1430 – 1479 circa) and the “Madonna at the fountain” and “Glass with flowers within a niche” diptych by Jan Provost (1462 – 1529), are illuminated with the technique of squaring on separate wings. The reading of the paintings is objective, an example of absolute light, that is the cancellation of the perception of the light source.
Natural light has been eliminated in favor of an intimate and precious experience obtained with the use of Dot Sistema, Nulla and Spot Sistema lamps.

Galleria Alberoni
Via Emilia Parmense 67
29122 Piacenza