Amelia Pegorin over the years was able to transform a small upholstery workshop into a successful company: Saba Italia, a jewel in the design sofa industry.

“The core business is the sofa designed from an idea. For a long period of time I took care of small details […].
The next step is an intuition, a spark, but creativity is not only training, it is culture beyond the borders of awareness: looking at how sofas wre made I asked myself if a complex shape could not become flexible, changeable and not only in its upholstery”

In 2018 the entrance in IDB Group that gave us “vitamins to grow the business and made our potential emerge contributing with common resources, I decided to bet on this project.”

Today Saba is a fast growing company where four out of five top managers are women.

Thanks to Patrizia Capua of La Repubblica for this beautiful interview.