The IDB model

3 distinguishing factors

1. Consolidated financial strength guaranteed by thirty years of experience developed by strong representatives of the Italian financial world assisted by high-level private investors.
2. Strong, proven entrepreneurial skills. The entrepreneurial approach is the basis for the IDB project, aiming to actively involve skilled and forward-thinking businessmen in the Group's vision and strategic decisions.
3. Excellent managerial skills that allow for creating important and effective synergies (in terms of size, organization, strategy and distribution) that are difficult for individual companies to achieve.


Why be part of the Italian Design Brands Group?

Italian Design Brands is a strategic opportunity to project your business into the future:
- making it grow, joining a group that is strong, large and able to create and seize opportunities on the global market.
- continuing to actively and independently manage your business, without altering your brand’s identity, values and tradition.
- actively participating in strategic decisions and the definition of the group's vision, playing a personal role in the holding company.

The logic that inspires the Group is that of a partnership where each participant remains independent and continues to run its own company, while making use of the support and advantages of being part of a broader group.

The Profiles of the new partners

The group's basic philosophy is that of complementarity in the furniture sector. The partner companies are healthy, solid and distinctive, with recognized and successful brands in the international world of design, able to contribute material synergies to the group such as managers, resources, contacts and above all a global approach and mentality to business.