What medium sized companies need is to “think big”, to have ideas and a clear growth strategy in the market; financial operators are required to do their part as well, mostly in terms of networking and cultural support. We are working on an innovative design holding.

Fabio Sattin
Private Equity Partners Spa

Italy has a recognized competitive advantage in the design industry, as well as excellent creative and product skills, not yet fully capitalized on. This is the optimal ground for a company with the dimensions to create value in a globalized world.

Paolo Colonna
Creazione di valore

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What is IDB

Italian Design Brands SpA is the Italian center established in 2015 in the high quality furniture and design sector.

Our mission is to represent the excellence of Italian interior design and craftsmanship in the world.


  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Managerial skills
  • Financial strength
  • Corporate DNA
  • Teamwork, comparison and synergies
  • Group activities and projects